Lifeline Solutions

Expedite your sign up process with improved compliance and fraud prevention.

What Makes BeQuick Lifeline Solutions Different?

Expedite your sign up process with improved compliance and fraud prevention.

Market Leader in Lifeline

BeQuick was the first company to support Lifeline billing in 2004. We host more Lifeline customers than any competitor. With the stringent compliance options BeQuick offers, coupled with industry leading compliance partners, such as GS Associates, Inc. and CGM, Inc., our clients have passed dozens of USAC audits with flying colors.

Retain Your Reimbursements

BeQuick provides all the necessary features to allow our customers to maintain 100% compliance with USAC, including storing Lifeline forms on subscribers' accounts as well as keeping a history of the lifeline billing in case USAC requests proof. This allows our clients to retain their reimbursements and successfully pass audits should they arise. After all, if you stay compliant, you stay in business.

Increase Recertifications

With the powerful Correspondence automation tools, you can stay in touch with your Lifeline subscribers and provide many different types of notices, such as Recertification reminders, without paying valuable human resources. The Correspondence options include SMS text messages, emails, printed letters, and even outbound IVR calls with recorded messages with personalized variables such as name, recert date due, etc.

NLAD Integration

BeQuick is fully integrated with the NLAD database. This integration improves accuracy and minimizes manual processes for verifying Lifeline eligibility.

Duplicate Sign Up Detection

BeQuick provides our clients with duplicate sign up detection for improved compliance and fraud prevention. This feature can locate duplicate customers even when addresses are not exactly entered in the same format. It can also detect when a subscriber has canceled and returned at a later time to avoid fraudulent sign ups.

eSignature Sign Ups

Expedite your sign up process with the BeQuick One Page Order system which includes integrated eSignature capabilities.

Capture Subscribers Quickly

For Lifeline sales efforts, the key is simplicity and speed. With BeQuick's Lifeline solutions, you can quickly and easily bring on new Lifeline subscribers in a variety of ways, including event marketing, Point of Sale, Agent-based or Call Center sales or even online.

Partnered with the Best

BeQuick's Lifeline solutions are complimented by leading partners such as CGM and GSA for staying ahead of the changes in program policies and implementing what works best for your business.

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