Commerce Solutions

Capture more revenue via seamless subscriber payments on any device.

What Makes BeQuick Commerce Solutions Different?

Capture more revenue via seamless subscriber payments.

Be Confident Subscriber Information Is Secure

Credit Card transactions are secure while offering extremely fast processing speed.

Allow Users To Choose Their Device

When connecting to the BeQuick platform, users can choose which device works for them.

Integrate With Confidence

Take advantage of BeQuick's partnership relationships though proven integrations.

Ease of Subscriber Payments

Increase your revenue for your business by allowing your users to make payments very easily via the platform for subscribers. The self guided platform will direct you to make payments, add new Credit Card on file very easily and efficiently. The subscriber will have an streamlined and easy to use experience.

Make Communications Timely

Send correspondence when it matters the most. The Communications Center, called Wave, includes a trigger-based task engine for managing business rules and automated correspondence. Automatically welcome subscribers when they first sign-up. Using real time technology, you can even reach out and engage customers when they’re low on airtime. Multiple options to replenish, result in more top-ups, making it a win for everyone. The entire process is possible through BeQuick’s end-to-end solution, accessible to an MVNO from any web browser or mobile device.

Collect Payments in Multiple Ways

their payments, such as: Credit Card, Cash and using Credit from the account. The subscriber’s payment experience is enhanced, and this allows you to increase revenue. SInce you are not limiting the way the subscriber can pay.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

This solution helps the ease of accepting credit cards online for your commerce solutions. BeQuick is integrated with one of the leading payment gateway platforms, Braintree. Helping make commerce easy for the buyer and the seller and making it an amazing experience.

Subscriber payments can be captured regardless of the employee’s device

The responsive capability of the BeQuick platform allows it to be utilized on multiple platforms. The BeQuick platform will remain user friendly regardless if the platforms content is viewed on a tablet, smartphone or an desktop. This allows your employees to be more efficient in the day to day operation of the MVNO business.

Robust API Integration Into the Commerce Platform

The robust API documentation allows the clients to integrate directly with the BeQuick platform. The API’s are built on the latest technologies, such as Ruby on Rails and JSON. The API’s can be used for our clients to build their own shopping portal and/or use it to integrate with other 3rd party vendors.

As a rapidly growing prepaid wireless company operating in 16 states and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we must have highly scalable and efficient systems. BeQuick Software has provided us with the MVNE backbone software system and billing solutions needed to achieve our efficiency and growth objectives. BeQuick is highly customizable, reliable and perfectly capable of handling most any MVNO needs.
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David Warekis

CEO, Blue Jay Wireless

BeQuick Cloud BSS/OSS for Mobile

Helping MVNOs launch new services in days, better manage, and monetize the subscriber lifecycle.