Business Intelligence

Boost your business IQ, keep track of important trends and make immediate informed decisions to stay ahead of the market.

What Makes the BeQuick Business Intelligence Different?

Business Intelligence isn't just reports and graphs. It is staying in tune with your business operations, employees, and subscribers. Having access to the information to make a difference in these areas will give you the edge to soar over your competition.

Expect More Than Just Another OSS

Your operational support system should help you manage, monitor, control, and analyze your business. You have the control over your future, but BeQuick is there to help you along the way.

Stale Information Is Useless

Don't base any business decisions on data that is already out of date. In the wireless industry, hours and minutes matter, have confidence you are using the most recent information to run your business.

Make Your Data Work For You

Tons of data is useless unless you do something with it, so take advantage of the information you have. Give yourself the competitive advantage you deserve.

Be In the Driver's Seat

At-a-glance views of all your critical data at your fingertips, keeps you informed about the health of your business and subscribers letting you track trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Filters Are AMAZING

Give your CSRs and other employees access to the data they need about subscribers instantly. Get a quick view of relevant business and subscriber information with the click of your mouse. Drill down Subscriber Lists, Orders, and more to find exactly what you are looking for, right when you are looking for it.

Immediate Access to System Logs

Keep track of the health of your system with Logs. Carrier, Communication, Payment Processing & Taxation Logs allow on the fly troubleshooting for CSRs and your business operations teams.

Easily Create New Lists For Reports

The comprehensive integrated reporting provides an easy point-and-click interface with the ability to create ad hoc, complex combinations of data with just a few clicks. Even get notified when the list gets updated while you are working on it.

See Which Products Are Moving (And Which Are Not)

Know, at-a-glance, what your product catalog looks like, right now and make instant changes. Keep an eye on dwindiling quantities and stagnant products virtually (or physically) collecting dust.

What Can BeQuick Help Me Do?

Capture, Retain, and Delight Subscribers with BeQuick BSS/OSS for Mobile

Customer Experience Management

Billing & Revenue Management

Business Intelligence

Communications Center

Real Time Charging

Carrier Gateway

Dealer Management

Commerce Solutions

Lifeline Solutions

As a rapidly growing prepaid wireless company operating in 16 states and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we must have highly scalable and efficient systems. BeQuick Software has provided us with the MVNE backbone software system and billing solutions needed to achieve our efficiency and growth objectives. BeQuick is highly customizable, reliable and perfectly capable of handling most any MVNO needs.

BeQuick Cloud BSS/OSS for Mobile

Helping MVNOs launch new services in days, better manage, and monetize the subscriber lifecycle.