Billing & Revenue Management

Gain peace of mind with accurate billing and taxation with NO revenue leakage.

Why BeQuick Billing & Revenue Management?

Feel secure that your billing is accurate and your revenue is being tracked properly.

Get The Most Out of Your BSS

Make your billing support system work for YOU rather than chasing after other antiquated systems to get your billing right.

Keep Tabs on Your Billing System

Know exactly what your subscribers are being charged for your goods and services.

Feel Secure in Your Billing Operations

Believe your invoices and statements are accurate and that your BSS will help you provide great customer service.

Choose the Billing Type that makes sense for your business.

Pay-As-You-Go, Prepaid and Postpaid billing delivered with flexible configuration tools for managing different types of billing profiles.

Create and Offer Products that Fit Your Niche

Intuitive and customizable product/service catalog enables you to create, test, trial, manage, and retire service offerings at the speed your market demands.

Save a Few Trees

BeQuick includes EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) for establishing or maintaining a paperless organization. In addition to cost savings from eliminating printing and postage, you can offset costs for your valuable CSR resources and automatically notify your subscribers when their ebill is ready to view online.

Easily Capture Credit Card Payments

Automated & standard credit card payments are securely stored, keep credit card token on file for immediate payments. Credit card charging, encrypted process as to not store credit card numbers for PCI Compliance.

Ensure Tax Accuracy

Gain peace of mind on tax compliance. Integrated with our partner, GSA SureTax, a leader in the tax industry. Powerful tax rating integration via GSA with accurate & up-to-date tax calculations on all services purchased & billed. Our partnership provides the option to directly access GSA’s services as a resource for consulting, compliance & other complex issues the telecommunication industry faces.

What Can BeQuick Help Me Do?

Capture, Retain, and Delight Subscribers with BeQuick BSS/OSS for Mobile

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Billing & Revenue Management

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Commerce Solutions

Lifeline Solutions

As a rapidly growing prepaid wireless company operating in 16 states and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we must have highly scalable and efficient systems. BeQuick Software has provided us with the MVNE backbone software system and billing solutions needed to achieve our efficiency and growth objectives. BeQuick is highly customizable, reliable and perfectly capable of handling most any MVNO needs.

BeQuick Cloud BSS/OSS for Mobile

Helping MVNOs launch new services in days, better manage, and monetize the subscriber lifecycle.