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For over 15 years, BeQuick has built quality solutions for the Telecommunications industry. We are 100% focused on the cellular market and it shows. Our platform was designed for mobile service providers from the ground up.

What does BeQuick Stand for?

Values and Solutions That Fit Our Customers

Values and ethics are not characteristics that a company can mandate; they must evolve organically. They are threads in the tapestry that comprises a company’s culture. At BeQuick, we’ve spent more than a decade building and shaping the positive culture we exhibit today. Ours is built on mutual respect; genuine care for our customers’ success; attention to quality in our products and customers’ experience; a family atmosphere where our people know they matter not just for the jobs they do but for the lives they lead; and strong ethical standards coupled with professional discretion.

What to Expect When Working With BeQuick

As your company engages with BeQuick, we want you to know what kind of experience to expect. We have fine tuned many formal processes for running our business. We use these clearly defined processes to partner with our customers and help them achieve their goals. When it comes to support, training, change requests, and new services, we map out an approach plan and follow it. We share informed opinions about the ways things should be handled. We leverage what our experience has shown us are the methods that ensure consistency and produce the best results for our customers.

Devotion to Engineering

We believe strongly in engineering great products. Our core goal is to produce products that make it easier for our customers to do their jobs. In the course of producing our products, we work to anticipate future changes. We use engineering methods to ensure stability and fault tolerance. We judge ourselves on the quality of our customers’ experiences and the tangible successes we help them to achieve.

Dedication to Customer Success

What has set BeQuick apart, since day one of our inception, is our genuine interest in seeing and helping our customers succeed. Collectively, we work in a market that changes constantly. Our customers grow; in many cases, they grow rapidly. As a result, our customers’ requirements change continuously. We hold ourselves responsible for remaining aware of and aligned with our customers’ changing needs so that we can help them remain ahead.

Communication is the most important part of this process. We take every measure to ensure that we fully understand our clients’ businesses and their software requests. This involves an iterative process where we convert our customers’ needs, wants and desires into production code that reaches their desired outcome. While we may not hit it out of the park every time on the first try, we listen and work to adapt quickly to customers’ feedback and input.

Partnership with Customers

The evidence that speaks best to our commitment to our customers is the fact that they stay with us. Our record of customer retention is nearly flawless. We don’t claim that this record is due to our company being perfect. But we do believe that we offer the best customer experience in our industry. We accept that ups and downs are inevitable and hence we forge partnerships, not just vendor relationships, with our customers. As partners, we and our customers are committed to working through problems in order to achieve common goals – growth and success. We manage bumps in the road and resolve issues. We accept honest feedback. And we morph, adapt, and respond to work toward mutual, ongoing prosperity.

Experts in Managing Change

Our customers must develop new ideas and approaches continuously because of the rapid pace of change in the markets they serve. Those ideas and approaches translate into changes that we must implement rapidly, accurately, and smoothly while also communicating clearly. When customers approach us with new ideas, we embrace them. But we will also share our experience in order to identify a better or more expedient path. We have a responsibility to ensure that our solutions are stable, easy to use, and that they deliver measurable results.

Quality People

At the end of the day, it’s the people that make the difference. The strong partnerships we maintain with our customers are built on tangible, human relationships. The people who work at BeQuick are the reason our customers trust us and work so closely with us. We believe strongly that our team is the very best in the industry. In our people, we seek a few common traits: a sense of ownership over one’s work; willingness to step up to the plate; the ability to communicate and cooperate well with others; and the ability to make well-reasoned decisions.

Team and Family Environment

Among our people, we’ve cultivated a team-oriented environment over the past decade. We respect each others’ family values and treat each other like a family. Our people recognize that because we work in a complex business where no one person can have all the answers, a team approach is necessary to resolve problems and deliver on projects. Our employees take pride in what they do and embrace the responsibilities that come with customers entrusting them with their business success. BeQuick has become known for its discretion and ability to maintain confidentiality. It is not only our company’s policy, but also an inherent part of our culture, to hold each customer’s unique concepts, ideas, and processes in the highest confidence.

The Bottom Line

Overall, BeQuick is here to be a partner in your success. We have cultivated a set of values and gained a wealth of experiences that your company will leverage as assets. From the quality of our people and products to the quality of the experience you provide to your customers, we dedicate ourselves to your goals. We provide a foundation on which you can drive growth and continuous improvement. And most of all, we expect results from ourselves and measure them by what we help you to achieve.

Meet the BeQuick Team

BeQuick has an experienced management team and a customer support organization that is unsurpassed.

Sean B

Sean Biganski

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Steve M

Steve McIntosh

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Gissela B

Gissela Biganski

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Annie Mena

Annie Mena

Director, Client Relations and Success

Leo A

Leo Angorin

Director, Product Management

Where is BeQuick?

BeQuick is located in Jupiter, Florida (but we have employees across the United States)

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